LCG Talks

#3 Natasha Wheeler & James Lloyd of Target Publishing

April 2, 2020

Target Publishing is the UK's leading publisher and conference organiser, leading the way in the health, leisure, sports, food and education sectors in-print, online and in-person.

Titles and events include:

Natural Lifestyle -
Naturally Good Health -
Health Food Business -
Natural Pharmacy Business -
True Health -
CAM magazine -
Nutrition I-Mag -
Functional Sports Nutrition -
Outdoor Enthusiast -
Outdoor Enthusiast Retailer -
Private Schools Revealed -
IHCANConferences -

In this episode, Natasha and James cover how can CBD brands work with Target Publishing titles. 


LCG Talks is a podcast by London Canna Group, a comprehensive cannabis consultancy based in London, UK. 

The first season covers cannabis media interviews. Episode recorded on 12th November 2019. The first season is hosted by LCG Marketing Director BluntPublicist.